Meet adoptable deaf pibble Camo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep her safe.

From his shelter: Camo is a short-haired yeti! He is strong, agile, courageous, and is pure love. He is very intelligent and trainable! This guy is FULL of potential. He is young and has had rough start a stray, so he’s in the process of learning manners and doing very well! Away from the shelter he is not dog aggressive; he is currently spending some evenings in foster with five other dogs of all breeds and sizes. There, he shows absolutely no aggression even when challenged. We’re working on social skills and exposure! He’s also doing great in vehicles, around farm animals such as horses/donkey’s, off-leash exercising, and around other people. He always comes back to check in when he’s off leash.

Ideally, the best adopter for him would have time to help him learn how to express himself and work through the anxiety he has at times. He has a lot of energy, so he’ll need plenty of exercise and stimulation. He would make the perfect hiking or running partner for the outdoor enthusiast! There’s nothing this dog can’t do, or learn. Not surprisingly, he’s had a difficult time at our high intake shelter in Texas. Camo needs consistency, attention, and someone who has a willingness to understand how deaf dogs operate. He just LOVES people and desperately needs his human (wherever you are).