Meet Bonnie! She is a 2 year old deaf blue heeler who is spayed and up to date on shots. She is dog, cat, and kid friendly. I began fostering her after her owner got overwhelmed trying to train her and decided it would be healthiest for both of them to relinquish ownership. Bonnie deserves a family who will be patient with her and who will take the time to teach her sign language and other ways to communicate her needs.

Bonnie’s previous owner spoke high praises on her personality but they unfortunately weren’t able to truly understand her special  needs and accommodate her needs. Bonnie also loves to play and dig in water bowls which can sometimes lead to her getting ear infections that require a vet visit. Her next family should be aware she is prone to ear infections so they know to watch for the signs. She has been raised to be an indoor/outdoor dog, being in a kennel while previous owner was at work and then inside in the evenings. While inside, I’ve noticed she needs further training communicating her needs to go outside to potty.  Bonnie would do best in a home with another dog who could act as her ears or with another deaf dog because this girl loves to play!