Meet adoptable deaf American Staffordshire Bryan who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe. Bryan would do better in a home where he is the only pet.

From his current caregiver: This is Bryan and he is such a sweet boy! His entire butt moves with how excited he is to see you come home. He is deaf but he is well trained with hand signals and has been very easy to train, but he doesn’t get along with other dogs. I’ve worked with a trainer and thought I had it worked but it still occasionally happens and I hate to see him and my other male living in a stressful environment. He loves children and loves to play and love on them. He does get startled easy but is not aggressive towards people whatsoever.

I have a male dog so we are unable to keep Bryan long term due to them fighting. I really want to find Bryan the perfect home because he is such a lover and deserves to have an amazing life where he can receive all the love and attention.

Bryan will be 4 in June. Has energy but is not overly hyper. Likes his walks and his naps.

Feel free to call for more information. Thank you!

***If you are interested in adopting Bryan, please contact Kevin so he can send you a blank adoption application for you to fill out completely to be considered for adoption. Bryan’s adoption fee is $250 and you must live within a 3 hour drive time of Royal Palm Beach FL to meet the dog in person.