Update 5/29/19 – Bruno is still available for adoption, here are some recent photos of this beautiful boy!


Update 7/8/18 – Bruno does great on a leash and is crate trained. He is a total lover and gives the best sloppy kisses!


Meet adoptable deaf dog Bruno who has patiently been waiting for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, continue to train him and always be his advocate and keep him safe.

From his rescue: Bruno came to Peach County Animal Rescue after a plea from the community over him and his sister (non-biological), Georgia. Their owner no longer wanted them and wanted to give them up for free. In our area, free dogs usually lead to victimized animals. Not only did we not want to risk the safety of these two dogs, but Bruno and Georgia were extremely bonded. Separating them led to an out pour of cries from Bruno. We realized very fast that Bruno was special and he was deaf and bonded to Georgia. Georgia was his hearing guide who would cue to Bruno when something was going on (kind of like being his ears for him). For the past year, we tried to get these two dogs a home together where they would thrive. Unfortunately, Georgia’s life was cut short due to heartworm/pulmonary complications. She was a lot older than Bruno and lived a longer life of neglect which could not be reversed.


Bruno was treated for heart-worms and now is in very good health, but he surely misses his sister and he is looking for a new best friend. Will it be you?

Bruno has never had a true home. He lived outside his entire life and although he gets a lot of love from our shelter staff and volunteers, we really want him to know what life he deserves to have and for him to live a life of happiness for both him and Georgia, even though she has passed on.

Bruno is above five years old, good with kids (grade-school children or older) who can conceptualize and understand his deafness. We do not know how he is with kitties, but we can test upon request. He is good with most female dogs. He is somewhat scared of male dogs, and since he is DEAF, he makes a very sad fear sound kind of like a wail if he gets overwhelmed with them. He is up to date on all vetting and is available for immediate adoption.

Due to his deafness, it is preferred that anyone seeking to adopt will be willing to travel to Georgia to meet him in person, especially if having another dog (to make sure they are a match). Deaf dog experience is preferred, but not required. Most importantly, someone who is patient, has the desire to research and train and can be 100 percent committed to Bruno and his special needs, will always be our number one desire for him.

Application requests can be emailed to: peachcountyanimalrescue@gmail.com
Please mention that you read Bruno’s story through Deaf Dogs Rock.

Below: Watch Bruno through our YouTube Link (Note: there was an error on his age in the video. Bruno is 5 years old). This video also says “so the normal stuff you do around dogs, does not work with him because he is deaf” when actually all the normal things you do around hearing dogs you can do with a deaf dog but you need to change from verbal commands to visual commands, use a visual marker instead of the sound of a clicker to mark the right behavior and have him on a leash to keep him safe (which you would also do with a hearing dog). The training is exactly the same because we use positive reinforcement clicker training but replace the verbal and the sound of a clicker with visual commands and a visual marker.