Brownie is an 8 month old. deaf, Redbone Coonhound mix looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

Sweet Brownie was found wandering down a rural country road in the rain. A very kind lady saw him and pulled over. She really didn’t think the dog would let her get close but she was pleasantly surprised when he walked right up to her and gave her a big lick! His tail wagging all the time. She put him in her car and took him home. She went to work on making flyers and the next day she went back to the area that she found him and went to several farmhouses. She also went to several businesses and posted his picture with her contact information. She also called the paper and put an ad in there. After a week no calls. During that time that he had been with her though, she had discovered that Brownie was deaf. Sweet and loving but deaf.


She wanted to do some training with him but was at a loss since he couldn’t hear her. Sadly her own two older dogs were not tolerating Brownie’s playfulness and they all had to be kept away from each other. All of this, a struggle for a single older lady. She contacted our rescue to see if we could help. Unfortunately we had no foster space available but she offered to keep him for a bit until we did have space. Off to the vet he went where he got a thorough physical. He was neutered and received testing and vaccinations. Everything checked out good and now he is ready to find his furever home with his furever family. Don’t let distance stop you. In many cases transportation can be arranged.