Meet adoptable deaf Catahoula mix Brooke who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will continue her positive reinforcement training, love her and always keep her safe. Her human daddy got sick and couldn’t take care of her anymore so she needs a new BFF.

From her rescue: Brooke was advertised as a lab mix pup that someone was wanting to rehome. One of our Foster moms stepped up and took her in. She did not realize she was deaf at first, but about the second or third day she figured it out. The foster mom has had experience in working with deaf dogs so immediately started teaching her sign language, which Brooke took to very quickly. A few months passed and the foster moms other dogs were becoming a little uneasy with Brooke being in the house, only because she was a 4 month old puppy, and they were up in their adult calm years. So we took her in here at the rescue. We did receive a call from a gentleman that was interested in adopting Brooke, and a deaf dog appealed to him because he was a musician and knew the music wouldn’t bother her. He worked with her with signing, but one day he became very ill and had no help at home so couldn’t keep her, he called us and returned her to the rescue.

She is a good dog, playful with other dogs, but does like to guard her toys and her food, so if another dog comes around when she has these items she chases them away. She is only 9 months old, about 60 lbs, spayed, all shots up to date and she is micro-chipped. We believe she is a Catahoula mix, very playful, but does need some leash training and still needs work with her understanding her signs.