Rowan is a sweet 1 year old male Catahoula Leopard mix pup who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new BFF and always keep him safe.


Rowan is about 45 pounds of joyful, wiggly fun. Rowan is is very friendly and loves people and other dogs. He loves to romp and play! Rowan is a handsome boy, but his looks could be a result of poor breeding practices. Rowan is most likely a Double Merle and was born without vision or hearing. Rowan is confident and can adapt to change. After a few days, he will map out a new home. This pup is a confident boy and is balanced with a wonderful temperament.


Rowan likes to play with other dogs and may be too much for some. He would be happy in a home with another energetic, tolerant dog. No cats please! Rowan is currently in a training program to learn basic obedience. A command is communicated to him thru touch signals. He is motivated by food and play, but can be a bit stubborn. Lots of practice helps him to learn and retain his new skills. Rowan has an endearing habit of carrying his bone around in his mouth. He is quite adorable and you will soon fall in love with him!

Rowan is crate trained and is potty trained if kept on a schedule. This pup has a lot going for him. Please fill out an application if you would like to learn more about him and meet him. Preference will be given to those in the New England area.