Meet adoptable deaf 10 year old senior Lab/Setter mix Breaker who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, be his new BFF and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver: Breaker is a very affectionate 65 pound white lab and setter mix. I adopted him when he was a small pup 10 years ago and has been at my side ever since. He grew up next to me while I coached outdoor boot camps, sports teams and indoor private clients so he loves attention from everyone.

He is very intuitive and takes commands well, especially if there is a treat incentive. He loves to swim in the bay and run on the beach though not for as long as he used to. He enjoys walks and looking and smelling the world and when he’s tired he becomes a lap dog. He loves all people. He is great with dogs his size and smaller, young larger dogs tend to make him insecure but has never been the aggressor. His best friend is a 100lb golden.

He is also great with kids of any age up to the point of tail or ear pulling, where he might give a warning bark and retreat. All of his shots and vaccines are up to date and he just had a clean senior dog vet check up. Breaker is on two medications for his skin, as many white/deaf dogs tend to be. His skin issue is under control and has been so for over a year. The oral pills are cheap and available at Costco. I believe a family with kids that know how to be around a dog would be great for my buddy, as well a couple or single person that wants a happy and affectionate companion. He would do well in a home that can provide some love and stimulus because he’ll give it back in spades. He is very well crate trained and actually sleeps in his most of the time.