Meet adoptable deaf 4.5 year old Branca who needs a home where she is the only child (no children or other animals) so she can bond with her person and not have anxiety caused by a lot of chaos.

Branca was found on the streets by me and my husband about 4 years ago with an estimated guess of being 7 months old at the time. We soon learned she was deaf and because her anxiety we had a trainer/behaviorist hired to help all of us to deal with her. It did help a lot but not enough where years later we are still dealing with some challenges with her anxiety.

She has been on Prozac and cbd oil for years and it does help but not enough where we feel safe for her to be around our other dogs or children. She needs a home with either just a couple or one person and no kids and no other dogs. She is very sweet and cuddly but her anxiety requires attention and a good family that fits my description.