Meet adoptable deaf dog Boulder who is looking for a patient/loving foster to adopt with someone who will work with the rescue to set Boulder up for a successful adoption.

From Second Chance: This 3-4 year old squishy is looking for the perfect home where he will be loved and cherished for all of his cute quirks and special needs. What does Boulder need you ask… Well let me tell you!

1. Someone that loves to play fetch and will play with him daily!
2. A fenced in yard to play fetch in!
3. An all adult home with no other pets that is willing to put him away when unknown people come over. Intros to new people can be done, but they need to be slow and involve lots of treats!
4. Someone that knows that some deaf dogs have fear based reactivity to unknown stimuli and is willing to keep this boy and everyone else around him safe.
5. A strong leader that will set boundaries. No pushovers for this guy!
6. Someone that will show him the world. He loves to walk in different places and will follow at your heel. He also loves the water!
7. A patient owner that will start out slow with him while he gets comfortable in a new environment.
8. Someone that will appreciate all of his quirks! He has lots of adorable habits like nursing on his beds. It is adorable until you have to wash the slobbery bed!

Boulder is currently living at our adoption center where he is beloved by the staff and volunteers that care for him. He gets to go on field trips to parks, lakes, and friends houses to play fetch. As much as we love Boulder and Boulder loves us, he is ready to find his forever home where he can play lots of fetch! Read more about him below:

Hi, my name is Boulder and I am the squishiest goof ball in the triangle! I am the kind of dog that would love nothing more than to play fetch with you allllll day in the backyard, then flop over for some belly rubs! If I know you and trust you, we will be the bestest of friends! Because I am deaf, I am in need of a patient foster/adopter that understands that I must have a routine in order to thrive. I do have some fear aggression, but all that goes away when I am introduced to new people/situations properly and systematically. If someone sneaks up on me when I am not expecting it, I get quite spooked. The staff here has compared me to Scooby Doo, but I am much more handsome than he was… They tell me it’s because I’m a scaredy cat… I wish I could get all those Scooby snacks like he did!

I love to go for walks, but am quite the strong boy and I do better when on a harness. I also get excited when I see other dogs, so a backyard is preferable so walking is a luxury and not a must. I am searching for a calm, adult only home that will love me and cherish me for the big doof that I am. The Dog Program Manager here has really put emphasis on me being in a structured environment with a clear routine. She has seen the absolute best and the worst of me, and is certain that I will make the right household extremely happy.

It is hard to not smile when you look at me goof trotting around and flopping over when I am protesting something. If you are an experienced dog person, that is willing to work with Second Chance to ensure that I am set up to succeed, and you have lots of patience and love to give, then I may be the boy for you! I am currently only available for the foster to adopt since I have some behavioral special needs. In the meantime, I would love to be in a foster home rather than in a room at the adoption center. If you are interested in fostering me, or would like to learn more about me, please contact the Dog Program Manager at Thank you!!!