Meet Bonnie (6.5 years) & Clyde (5.5 years), bonded siblings that are deaf. They are very dependent on each other so we are looking to keep them together. They’ve been with the Haywood County Animal Shelter and Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation since August.


They were surrendered due to liking chickens way too much. They are great dogs that haven’t garnered much attention at all. They’ve been featured on WLOS Pet Pals and adoption fees have been waived but nobody is even considering them. The owner claimed that Clyde knows some sign language. They have moderate energy levels and sweet temperaments, although Bonnie is a bit more energetic. Clyde is good on the leash, but Bonnie pulls a bit. They must be adopted together.

Please contact Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation with any questions (828)246-9050.


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