Meet adoptable deaf Boman who is looking for a loving family with someone who will cherish him, continue to give him structure, provide consistent positive reinforcement training, and always keep him safe.

From his advocate: “Boman” started out his life on the streets. He was brought in to our animal hospital with severe mange. After weeks of treatment and barely surviving, he became a sweet and loving puppy. He spent the months living in a kennel and was introduced to other dogs which he enjoyed. He was placed with a rescue group in New Jersey in foster care. That is when we realized he was deaf.

Photo above – Boman: This is my ASL sign for “love”



He lived there several months and unfortunately had to be sent back due to some very minor aggression issues. He has been in my home for the past 4 months. We are currently learning how to train and manage a deaf dog. He has a lot of energy but he is eager to learn. He likes playing with other dogs and toys.