Meet adoptable 5 year old deaf dog Bliss who is looking for a loving family to call her own who will cherish her, giver her lots of attention and always keep her safe.


Bliss is a half Boxer and half Bull Terrier that is all white with freckles and is a very sweet dog. Everyone is her friend and she is extremely affectionate and loving. Whenever anyone comes to the house they are only there to see her or so she believes. She has a great personality, is quite funny, and is a big ham most of the time. She was returned to her birth family after being placed as a puppy because they found out she was deaf, and didn’t want to deal with it.

We took her in and she has been a good dog, well mannered, and not really having any issues other than the usual big dog who does not realize her actual size one. Other then being deaf she is easy to train, and is eager to please. She knows a few hand commands and is very good at reading what you want. She loves to play and run. Likes the vacuum and plays chicken with the lawn mower. I think because she enjoys the vibrations that they make.

She is 5 years old and needs a forever family that will let her be the center of attention or has another big dog she can roughhouse with. We have cats and she has always been okay with them. She plays well and gets along with other dogs, but does like to hog the attention. She can be a little possessive with her person where other dogs are concerned as well. That is why she needs to be in a single dog household or in a household with big dogs that can handle rough play and interaction. We have other small dogs so any altercation can be a problem. We know dogs do not consider size when interacting so her being much bigger is really what the issue is. Even playing can cause serious harm to a tiny dog. We do not want to keep them kenneled all the time, and do not have the capacity to keep them separated. We really want her to be happy, and feel we can’t give her all the time she needs. Please consider being her forever family she deserves a home where she can be happy and free.


There is a $100 adoption fee and you must live within driving distance (2-3 hours).