This beautiful ball of cuddles is Blanca who is a deaf dog looking for a loving home where she will be the center of attention and live with someone who will make her happiness/safety a top priority.


From her caregiver: Blanca is the most loving and sweet pup you’ll ever come across! She has the best and silliest personality. Blanca is a non-stop kisser and will cuddle with you every chance she gets. Despite being deaf, Blanca knows and obeys her hand signals well, but could always use more training and signals. She is a little overweight due to not having enough space or play time throughout the day, but she loves being outside and will sit and watch squirrels in the trees for hours if you let her!



She has a very unique bark whenever she gets very excited or wants attention. She has a habit of grabbing and carrying around objects whenever she gets excited also, so make sure to have a toy handy! She is both house and crate trained. Blanca currently lives with two other staffies who she has shared all of her life with, but I would recommend her going to a home with no other pets or children under 16. This being due to her mainly being around the same dogs all of her life and has not socialized much with other dogs. She is very receptive to movement and motions of the hands/arms, so children in the home would not be ideal. Responsibility, willingness to learn, and unconditional love is our standard in finding a forever home for Blanca.

***If you are interested in Blanca please contact us to fill out an adoption application. Blanca’s adoption fee is $250 (she is fully vetted) and we prefer her new home live within a two hour driving distance Georgetown Texas.