Meet sweet adoptable deaf dog Bianca who is looking for a loving family with someone who will provide her with love, structure, teach her new things and always keep her safe. Bianca is 28 pounds of pure joy who enjoys other dogs and children.

From her rescue: Bianca is a Dalmatian/ Beagle mix that was recued from the streets of Mexico. She was found as a puppy wondering through moving cars and when called, would not even look at the people trying to get her to safety. Finally, one woman was able to catch her to which she didn’t even object and just wagged her tail.

She was taken to an apartment, then to a vet where they found out she was about 6 months old and deaf. For about 7 months they tried to get a family for her but could not find the right family since there is no respect /culture for animals like her there. Fortunately, we have got her here where she is flourishing and has started her training. Bianca is super smart, she learns so fast. She is full of life and loves, loves humans and other dogs. She is playful and loves to sniff around and discover new things.

The ideal family for Bianca is one that is active and that would be home most of the time to keep her training on track. She could probably do nose work like a boss!

Because she has the beagle in her…we have discovered that finding things thrills her to pieces. She is young at about 15 months old and can learn anything since she is food motivated.
Bianca sleeps well in her “large” crate at night. Loves chew toys and tons of cuddles.

This pretty girl is just amazing and is ready for a family to love her.