Betsy is a sweet 8-10 year old deaf, female, blue heeler. She has spent the last few months with a short term/temporary foster family, although she has been with Carolina ACD rescue since April 2017. She loves to go everywhere and has done well in lots of new environments…Tractor Supply, Petco/Petsmart, indoor and outdoor dog events, and out in the woods walking and RV camping. Betsy has learned some doggy ASL since arriving in her foster homes. She definitely knows sit, come, water, drop it, ball, and potty. She is learning lay down, outside, food/eat, and stay. Being both deaf and an ACD, Betsy is a bit of a Velcro dog. She is comfortable lounging around the house and yard, but also enjoys exploring in the woods and wallowing in bodies of water…even if it’s only a puddle. She walks beautifully on a leash, but her favorite thing is to play fetch with her ball. Betsy has gotten along well with her foster brothers, has made friends well recently with a playful younger dog while staying the night with friends, and seems to miss having company. We think she would do best with medium to large dogs. She can get very intense when she tries to herd small dogs, so we watch closely and redirect or limit those exposures.

Once she gets comfortable and knows she is in a safe environment, Betsy is a funny girl with a big personality and lots of sassy attitude. She will let you know when she wants something, whether it’s time to wake up, play ball, pet her the right way, or go outside. She likes to ride in the car, but is quite boisterous for the first few minutes. At home, she will bark some, but not excessively. Like many herding dogs, she can be vocal when she plays. She also seems to enjoy telling the neighborhood she’s outside, especially if she sees anyone/anything outside the fence. Her only real barking issue is that when Betsy barks, it is at full volume. The biggest challenge Betsy presents is her toothy behavior…we call it her ugly face. She will quickly show her teeth when she is confused, uncomfortable, or scared. She may snap at you if she feels threatened or is touched where/how she doesn’t like. This seems to be provoked mostly when someone looms over her and when handling her hips, tail, and feet. This behavior has improved since arriving at her foster home, especially the handling part. Because of this, she has occasionally been muzzled when going to the vet. It takes patience, calm behavior, a slow/steady approach, and lots of support/comfort/pets from her foster parents..treats help too.

Betsy will need to go to an experienced dog owner (especially stubborn, herding types) that will give her lots of love and time to settle into her new home. She has never had an accident in the house. She is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccinations, house trained, crate trained, and looking for her person. She is being fostered near Charleston, SC.