Meet adoptable deaf one year old Aussie Mix Benny who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, make positive reinforcement training/socialization/structure a daily priority and always keep him safe. Benny is 28 pounds of pure joy!

From his rescue advocate: Benny is our beautiful, bouncy Aussie mix. Benny is sweet, affectionate, and energetic. Benny is also deaf, and while deaf pups definitely take a little bit more patience and time to learn our language, in the end, they learn, love, and grow like any hearing dog. Benny is about 1 year old, 27 lbs. He was surrendered to a local animal shelter where he stayed for several months. He’s now with a local area rescue looking for a foster or permanent placement.

Benny’s ideal home will be with active, experienced dog owners. Because of Benny’s deafness, we recommend a home with no young children. Experience with deaf dogs a plus, but not mandatory. What is mandatory is a willingness to support Benny so he will continue to thrive.