Update 2/2/19 – Belle now has a Facebook page, please check out https://www.facebook.com/belle.cattledog.7

Also from her foster daddy:

Belle is a beautiful, strong willed, active cattle dog mix with all the tendencies of the breed.   She requires a stable, adult only, active household.  At two years old she has all the basic training down but that puppy exuberance that makes her fun to play with or teach.  She will try to herd/organize chaotic situations so she needs to be leashed in new situations until we are confident she is comfortable with everyone.  
She is super attentive and will follow your direction but isn’t ready to let her inner herder go.  So she isn’t good around children and needs a long introduction to strangers before accepting them into her pack.  She needs a loving, experienced dog person to guide her through life.  She will make an excellent number one or ying to your yang.  She likely won’t do well in situations where she cannot bond strongly.  She follows us around the house and is never far from her pack.  She doesn’t have any separation anxiety, is crate trained and has integrated into our 2 dog/1 cat household.  She does need to be constantly reminded she is not the alpha, and as long you do that she is a darling.  Because she is deaf, we don’t use our hands with her except for communication.  We didn’t want her to ever fear communicating.  Fortunately she is smart so correction, training and guidance can easily be done with positive/set up for success type techniques.  
We take her on two 2 mile walks every day and when possible to rally classes or the dog park when few are around. 

Meet adoptable 2 year old, deaf Cattle dog mix Belle who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make consistent positive reinforcement training a priority and always keep her safe.


Belle was rescued from Lake County. She is looking for a special home to work with her needs.
Along with being deaf, Belle is a high drive dog who would thrive with a job or fun sport to keep her busy like agility nose work, lure coursing or fly ball. She’s so smart! Belle already knows about 15 hand signals (think of all the fun you’ll have learning together), she is rate trained, and house trained.
She currently lives with other dogs and a cat in her foster home but she would also thrive as an only pet.

Belle would do best in an active home where she could excel in agility, rally or nose work, lure coursing or fly ball. Actually she would also make a great frisbee dog! She has already mastered the agilty tunnel, weave pole work and the higher dog walk plank.
She needs an experienced dog owner with no small kids because being part cattle dog she takes her herding abilities very seriously.
If a good match is found for Belle we can do a trail period like a foster to adopt to make sure Belle does well in her new environment.