Meet adoptable deaf, 6 year old Bella who is looking for a loving forever home with a person or family who will cherish her, give her a  healthy life style and always keep her safe.

From her rescue Meet Bella! ~ she is a beautiful 6 year old Bulldog mix, deaf, overweight but she is currently on a healthy fitness plan
Bella would make a wonderful comfort companion. She is a deaf, vetted, and she is a Bulldog mix.

Bella love:
* people of all ages
* dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs – likely any other house pets
* walks
* spooning all night – Bella likes to be snuggled up and doesn’t move all night
* food – Bella needs to lose weight and is on a strict diet of weight management dog food, very limited treats, and exercise
Bella is house-trained, free in the home when her family is away and doesn’t bother anything, and is a quiet and low energy companion.

Her deafness rarely comes into play as she wants to be near her people/person and doesn’t misbehave.
Bella is available through The Hope Highway in Appleton, WI.