Baxter is a beautiful deaf Australian Shepherd mix looking for a loving home with someone who will love him and always keep him safe. He is mostly white with freckles and one blue eye. He came from the Laredo shelter and made his way to Austin.


Baxter is very active. He is with a Boxer mix right now that kind of acts like his hearing dog. He watches her and wants anything that she has. I do have to feed them separately. I have been able to get him to sit for a treat. He loves water and wants to be in the pool constantly.


He won’t take a toy from my hand but he will take it from another dog. He did not get along with his roommate right away it took time but they worked it out. He would be great on his own with someone that could give him attention. I have introduced him to cats but do not trust him to be alone with them. When he is in the house around the cats he is on a leash usually sitting on the couch with me.