Meet adoptable deaf dog Bash who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver:
Bash was found stray, hit by a car at 12 weeks old. He was hospitalize, I had cared for Bash in the ER and just fell in love with his little crooked face at that time. I knew I wanted to foster him until he could go to the perfect family. I wanted him to have a loving home, willing to work with a deaf pup and committed to him being a true member of the family. He is now fully recovered from his injuries and has started training. He can sit, stay and follows my other dog around the ranch. He has learned not to get around the horses and loves to play. Really loves to play. Tug, fetch and chew toys are among his favorites.


Bash is house trained and uses the doggy door well. In a kennel situation, he needs to go out every 5-6 hours as he is still a puppy. I do not kennel him at home, but if he is boarding etc.

Bash has picked up the unfortunate, or fortunate habit of sleeping on the bed with me. I don’t mind, but he gets the sad puppy eyes if you tell him to get down. He is a cuddle bug and does not know his size. 40lbs at 6 months, he is going to be a big boy.

Bash’s adoption fee is $350 and you must live within 5 hours drive time of Dewey AZ. to meet him in person.