Meet adoptable deaf Aussie Barkley who is looking for a new loving forever home.

From Barkley – Hi! My name is Barkley, but my foster family calls me Raka. I’m an intelligent and very sweet double merle Aussie that weighs about 40 lbs. I’m spayed, up to date on shots and prevention and potty-trained. I am not crate trained, yet. In the past, I was kept in a small, dark room, and when my foster parents tried to crate-train me I was really scared. Now that they have had be for four months, I might be ready to be crate-trained if my forever family wants me to be.


My favorite thing in life is to run myself tired exploring the yard! Mom and dad say they can’t even tell that I am blind and deaf- I quickly formed a mental map of the house and yard. I only bump into things when I go to new places. I’m not a Velcro Aussie, but I do love to be in the same room as my humans. Also, now that I learned toys are fun, I love to chew chew chew.

Lastly, I am a fast learner! I learned to sit in just a few days! I did counter surf a few times, but mom, dad, and I have been working hard to stop that behavior. I walk pretty well on a short leash, and my recall off leash is good because I like to check in with you once I run around. I will walk myself back to the door when I’m tired.

My last request is that I am in a home without small animals. Being blind and deaf, sometimes I get scared meeting a new animal. Introductions with other pets should be slow and on a leash, so I can feel comfortable meeting a new friend.

I hope my forever family finds me soon! I loooooove people, the more the merrier! I hope to meet you soon!