Meet adoptable deaf, 1.5 year old Bandit who is at a shelter in San Diego hoping to find a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Sweet deaf dog Bandit is a neutered male, soft white coat with some freckles on it. Our vets believe he is about 1 year 5 months old.

Meet Bandit, a neutered male, soft white coat with some freckles on it. Our vets believe he is about 1 year 5 months old. He is a gentle soul who has had enough of shelter life he wants to be with people as much as possible! Mr. Affectionate will sit right on your lap and remind you of what really matters in life: snuggling, cuddling, and of course, tummy rubs! When he’s not getting or giving affection, Bandit likes to spend his time running off some of his young dog energy outside and exploring the grounds with his human. Bandit can sometimes pull on his leash when he first starts his walks (due to excitement and the need to take care of business!), once he gets going, he walks well on his leash, pays attention to his human walker, and loves to pause for treats. And speaking of treats, this boy is very treat motivated which will make it easier for his human to teach him the best way to behave in his new home. Bandit is already focused on the importance of good manners – he tries hard to keep his shelter kennel clean and take care of his personal business outside. Bandit needs some help training with hand signals. And he is waiting patiently to learn more about good manners from his human. Bandit seems to be curious about other dogs.

As far as we know, this sweet boy hasn’t ever had a stable home, so he can be timid when encountering some new places, especially busy places like parking lots. Bandit would like a very patient, calm and loving human who leads a active lifestyle to adopt him. With support, encouragement, positive reinforcement, a regular routine, we think Bandit will build confidence and he may become the most balanced and happy-go-luckiest dog in the West!
Bandit is available for adoption at the San Diego County Animal Shelter, 2481 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011. You can meet Bandit without an appointment Tues-Fri from 1 to 3:30 pm or Sat-Sun from 10 am to 3:30 pm. If you prefer, you can call (619) 767-2675 for an appointment. You can also check out Bandit on the San Diego County website at (select the “North” shelter). Ben’s ID number is A1909789