Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Athena who is a 7.5 year old deaf dog looking for a loving forever home. She would do well with someone who isn’t going to leave her alone and someone who is experienced with deaf dog and separation anxiety. She is house trained, good with other dogs and children.

From her caregiver:

Athena is a happy, healthy 7.5  year old deaf pitty. She loves all people young and old, big and small. She’s also great with other animals. She is an over sized lap dog that loves to follow you around and be by your side all day. Athena is great on walks, car rides, bringing her to the office, or a lazy day at home. She’s good at keeping your legs warm and sharing your pillow at night. She is not a dog that does well in crates so no crates for this girl.

Athena is better with someone who is home because she doesn’t like to be alone. She’s fine to go where you go as long as she’s not in a crate she’s happy. She has extreme separation anxiety and medications do not help. She gets very anxious when being put in a crate and she becomes another dog. I put that information in here because she needs to be worked with if she will be put into a crate. We have looked into training but we do not have the funds to afford a trainer. Like I said above she loves every and anyone and will fill your heart but she hates her crate. It is nearly impossible to get her into a crate.

From Deaf Dogs Rock: Our guest writer/trainer/author Terrie Hayward specializes in Separation Anxiety and lives with her deaf dog. If you decide to adopt Athena Terrie does work remotely via Zoom, email, phone ect. She can be reached at the end of this Separation Anxiety post here.