Meet adoptable deaf dog Athena who is looking for a loving forever home.

From her rescue:

Athena was emaciated and very pregnant when she was rescued in May 2020 from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. After her 7 puppies were born, Athena went through treatment for mastitis and TVT, a venereal tumor that required 6 weeks of chemotherapy to treat. We suspect she was hit by a car at some point, as she has some stiffness in one of her rear legs, but she gets around fine and doesn’t seem to be in pain. This poor girl has been through a lot but Athena has recovered beautifully and is happy, healthy, and medically cleared! Her puppies have all found forever homes and now it’s Athena’s turn.

In the home, Athena is sweet, snuggly, and lazy. She’s very loyal to her family and wants nothing more than to be where you are! She’s never been destructive and is gentle with her stuffed toys. When her foster family leaves, she’s content to nap on the bed or a couch, and doesn’t have separation anxiety. She thrives with routine and is very smart and eager to please. She’s food motivated and will never let you forget when it’s time for her to eat! Athena is overjoyed to reunite with her puppies periodically, several have been adopted by the foster’s family and friends. Otherwise Athena is dog selective, and we think she would be happiest to be an only dog in her forever home.


Outside of the home, Athena has struggled with reactivity toward dogs and strangers, but is making great progress. She’s attended a board and train program to work on basic obedience and reactivity and learned recall, place, long duration down stays, and leash manners around other dogs and out in public. She is muzzle trained and remote collar trained, and her remote collar will be included with her adoption.

Athena will thrive in a mellow home without a lot of visitors where she can be the only pet to soak up all the love! She’d appreciate a yard and walks through a quiet neighborhood. With a family willing to continue her training and shower her with love, she’ll finally be able to put her street dog days behind her and enjoy the rest of her life as a beloved member of the family.