Meet adoptable deaf 11.5 year old boxer girl Aspen who was rescued by Deaf Dogs Rock out of a dire situation and sponsored into Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue where she got the needed vet care and recuperation that she so desperately needed. SABR is looking for a very special home for Aspen with someone who is home full time (retired or works from home) where she can get the only pet and also be the center of attention.

From Monsita with SABR: Meet sweet deaf boxer girl Aspen!
This adorable 11.5 yr old white female boxer is in search of her forever home.
Would you consider giving this sweet senior girl a yard to call her own?

Aspen came to Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue here in Virginia via Deaf Dogs Rock on 12/19. She was visibly malnourished with her ribs and hip bones protruding, had a severe upper respiratory infection, a UTI, had irritation/infection under her jaw and skin issues. Living outside in the freezing cold of winter in a filthy outdoor kennel contributed to her medical conditions. Although extremely anxious and skittish at first Aspen was relieved to be removed from the current frigid weather and the extremely low temperatures that were headed her way that weekend. She has since gained weight her skin issues have resolved and is clean of all infections.

Although she gets along with other dogs she would do best being an only dog with guardians that are home full-time. She loves following you around everywhere you go. This sweet girl is full of spunk and loves to play.
Aspen has not been tested with cats. She does do well with children however, because she startles easily it would be best if she was around older children 10+.
In the past couple of months Aspen has learned 12 ASL hand signs
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It is very important to find a loving home for this senior girl with someone who will never harm her or put her out in the cold. She needs a loving person who she can trust who will provide the very best care for her in her senior years. If you live within driving distance of Callaway, Virginia and would like to meet this very special girl please email Monsita at