Meet adoptable deaf bully Ash who needs a loving home with someone who will help him be the best he can be by continuing his training/socialization and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver: Ash is a very high energy putty who needs more attention and training. We got Ash when he was only 6 weeks old, not knowing he was deaf. Finding out was only a stepping stone as we reached out for help. We got the help we needed and took all the advice we have received.

Ash has been through Petco’s private basic training in which he did outstanding. He does know how to sit, lay, and stay (only for seconds). His attention span is very small. He has no room to run currently as we do not have a fenced yard. This is something he would require, along with the fence being high as he is a jumper. He does have his own rules, he thinks he is the boss of everything and it makes it difficult for young children or small dogs to be around him. He likes to jump up on them out of excitement and still at times nips. This is something we have been working on for some time now. With lack of room to burn all his energy he has a bit of destruction in him as he is a super chewer. He needs lots of toys to chew on or he redirects his attention furniture. I am by no means trying to discourage anyone from Ash. I simply believe you should know the true him. Through all of this he is a smiling happy Pittie. He is always ready to be praised and loved on. He is a woman’s dog through and through and men not so much. My husband is his primary care giver and he treats him as a playmate more than anything. Yes this is a lot to take in and think about. We however do not have the time or resources that he needs to thrive. We have had some medical fall backs in my family as of recently and it is making it more difficult to keep Ash.

We are trying to find a home for him that will accept him for who he is and who will be his forever home. Sometimes you have to put the dogs needs above your love for them. That is why we are trying to find a home that can give him the resources he needs, that we can not provide. Such as a fenced yard and more training.

Ash’s adoption fee is $250 and you must live within 2 hours driving distance of Wytheville, VA or special arrangements may be considered once you fill out an completed adoption application.