Meet adoptable deaf, one year old blue heeler puppy Aniyah who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, continue to teach her new things and always keep her safe.

From her caregiver: Aniyah is a great, happy, and energetic dog. She is a one year old, blue heeler/boarder collie mix. One of my family members adopted her and simply gave up on her and I took her and said I would find a home for her. I currently have another dog that she loves to play with. The reason for trying to rehome her is because I simply do not have the time and the resources to care for her.

My dog is older and has less energy, Aniyah needs time outside every day because she has so much energy. She will come with a kennel and toys and a do not pet vest. I put that on her because sometimes when we are out strangers will try to approach her and she can get spooked because she can’t hear them coming. Overall she is a great dog and can learn quickly, but just needs someone to put in the time with her.