Angel – NY – Adopted

Update 11-30-2014: Angel has been adopted!

Angel lives on Grand Island, NY in the Buffalo/Niagara area. She is a 1 year old small, white, deaf pitbull. She is 31 pounds and may not grow much bigger, told by the SPCA.

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Angel is spayed, has all her shots and has a location chip. She is crate trained and house broken. She sleeps through the night in her crate, her choice, and rides well in a car. She loves going on errands. She is a good leash walker with the exception that when she sees other dogs or people, on leash, she becomes difficult. She is great at the dog park and socializes well with big and small dogs.

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Angel is very smart and eager to learn. She already knows to look at your face for hand signals and knows basic sign language. She is super friendly and great with older kids. She is good with younger kids but she does like to run and jump while playing which could be problematic but could also be fixed with training. She is very energetic and needs 2-3 walks a day. She is very jumpy when people go into the home but will calm down eventually.

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In the end, she is very puppy and is in the middle of doing puppy things such as some head butting and some lunging but again would fix with training. Talking with my parents it just seems more puppy than anything. She is a jumper. She needs consistency with her training and more exercise that can be offered at this time. She is a great dog and will be a fantastic dog with the right match…and training.

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If you are interested in adopting or meeting Angel please contact Amy Kutis at