Meet  adoptable 8 year old deaf girl (will be 9 at the end of June) Angel who needs a hero to adopt her, a loving forever home with someone who will cherish and love her, be the only dog (center of your love and attention), make a lifetime commitment to always be her new best friend, always keep her safe, and teach her new things using positive reinforcement training.

From Angel: I absolutely love people and get the wiggles when it’s time for a walk. Despite my challenge, I’m a good girl. I’m fond of a good belly rub, crawl in the grass and long walks. I love people so much that I want to keep them for myself. No furry brothers or sisters for me, please. I’m very loving and playful and can’t wait to meet my furever family!

Angel is a very energetic, smart and bouncing girl who loves everyone she meets. She is joyful, curious, and loyal!

Angel is very loving, funny, and very affectionate. She enjoys tug of war, fetch, running around like a goofball, going for walks and especially loves to ride in cars. She also plays well independently with her bones and toys and likes to snuggle on the couch at the end of the day.

She’s is not crate trained, and does not know how to walk well (pulls) on her leash.

Being hearing impaired doesn’t stop her from being a happy, outgoing girl and she brings along her sweet and silly personality!

She is fully Housebroken and does ring the Potty Bell when she needs to go outside.

She understands hand signals commands but could really benefit from someone who can teach her more ways to help her communicate with you. She catches on pretty quick and always looks to me for guidance.

She does have an extreme sense of smell and is an excessive licker, loves to give Kisses!

We’ve had her since she’s been 3 months, she loves getting all the love. We did not know she was deaf when we got her, but that never stopped us from loving her!

We have tried multiple trainer’s over the years but have been unsuccessful in finding a trainer that can help or had the knowledge about training deaf dogs.

Angel does seem to have some hearing with some high pitched noises (squeaker) when put close to her ears. She will freak out not knowing what it was.

Angel is food aggressive (trainer said she being deaf she missed out on food, had to be aggressive in order to eat??) and can sometimes also be aggressive with her toys and bones.

Angel was never a challenge up until she started being dog reactive with our other dog and I need to rehome Angel into a family with no other fur friends.

We got Angel in Sept 2013 and rescued Kanga in March 2015. Best of friends until Very heartbreakingly, Angel exhibited aggression on Kanga Causing Emergency Vet visit’s in April 2017, Sept 2018, Oct 2019, Feb 2020 and Dec 2020 which required emergency surgery and a hospital stay for Kanga.

We have been unsuccessful in figuring out what triggers her.

Kanga hears and barks at everything which gets Angel anxious since she doesn’t know the reason Kanga is barking. This causes Angel to try and nip at Kanga.

Due to her being so unpredictable, while home she wears a muzzle and cone (she removes the muzzle without it). We also walk her with a muzzle on.

The only time she does not is while being fed, nighttime sleeping or brought outside in the yard on her own, its really heartbreaking!🥹

Each dog is fed in a separate room with the doors closed.

All she wants to do is run, play and snuggle at will and now she has to swap time in a room alone or wear a cone and muzzle.

It’s possible that being a deaf girl causes some unique communication difficulties with Kanga but we would never want to take the chance.

We haven’t been successful train with food because of her food aggression.

She is extremely attached to me, Sleeps in bed with me, always makes eye contact with me and does have some separation anxiety.

Always needs to know where I am, and follows me around.

She will panic if she wakes up and doesn’t see me, and will come looking for me.

If she is sleeping when I need to leave the house, I wake her so she sees me leave.

We believe she needs behavioral training. We strongly feel that Angel needs a family without any other dogs.

Angel gets along with my 3 & 4 yo grandchildren (supervised) and literally every person she meets.

Angel is a fan of our four cats (they know not to go anywhere near her when she’s eating).

Angel is fully vetted (spayed, vaccinated, currently on flea and heartworm prevention and microchipped) and fully vaccinated. She does take daily allergy medicine.

She does well with people, and animals other than another dog.

However, I will need to move in September, and unfortunately need a place for her to go, rather quickly.

Unfortunately I’m forced to have to sell our house as I can no longer afford the mortgage on my own. My daughter is moving out and bringing Kanga with her.

As with everything else monthly rental prices are extremely high. It’s been even harder trying to find any place that accepts dogs especially pitty mixed ones.

Three bedroom house with large fenced in yard to a small one bedroom apartment with no yard to run, my rental doesn’t have a fenced yard.

Angel would really love to live in a home with a big fenced in yard to run off some of her energy.

This has become a true hardship on everyone. And is truly extremely heartbreaking causing excessive stress on us, I cry all the time!

Angel needs some work on her manners, such as being jumpy and mouthy, but is eager to learn. This may all seem like a tall order, but we are sure Angel’s perfect family is out there looking for her too!

I’m looking for a family that has the time to dedicate to this loving girl.

Angel needs to be the only dog in your home. She was born deaf and doesn’t always understand other dogs’ ways of communicating. I will teach you her hand signals. She has much untapped potential for new tricks. She is super treat-motivated!

Angel would do best with a loving and experienced adult only or with older children, experienced with her breed (but would be too rough and strong for a home with small children) where this white-and-black petaled flower can blossom! We want the best home possible for her!

I’m just looking for a good place for her to be happy, I unfortunately can’t meet her needs, living in an apartment. Please anything helps at this point!!

What she needs:
* Someone with lots of love to give as she deserves the most loving environment to flourish.
* Someone with patience and time to continue her training as she will need it to keep her safe and happy!
* Someone who likes to be active as she is an energetic working breed who loves to run and play

If you’ve fallen in love with this special girl please come meet her today!
Please call Robin if interested in adoption or with questions at 860-402-2894 if no answer, please leave a message. You may also email me at