Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Rock Star of The Day, adoptable deaf 7 year old Australian Shepherd Annabelle who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe


From her foster: Anabelle is a 7 y.o. 48# Australian Shepherd/mix looking for her forever home!

This girl is a fighter. She was dumped and picked up by animal control and held in an overcrowded shelter that had her terrified. A few days into her stay, Anabelle was diagnosed with a URI and put in the medical guard where she continued declining, terrified of her surroundings and unable to understand what was going on since she is deaf. Even when we started fostering her at home, she was still scared and her symptoms were not improving. After 2 different courses of antibiotics, Anabelle was still not eating or drinking and had to be kept overnight for IV fluids and antibiotics. That seemed to help and for a few days she got to enjoy being a dog again until we found she had horrible ear infections in both ears. She was started again on antibiotics and she took the ear cleanings and drops like a champ. After a whole month of medical care, Anabelle is finally ready to begin looking for her forever home!

Anabelle is an older lady with lots of love to give. She does not need a lot of exercise, in fact, is quite content to just relax at home next to you while you work or watch TV with an occasional short walk around the neighborhood. Just be prepared for her to ask for lots of love because she does not take not for an answer when she wants pets. Funniest thing she does, however, is wag her stubby Aussie tail 1000x an hour when she gets happy after you come home and her clear attempt at running on hardwood floors to show you how excited she is to see you once she warms up to you.

She is potty trained but does not care for fetching and running in a big yard, just a little patch of grass to use the bathroom, which is why she could be an amazing apartment dog. Anabelle is dog and cat friendly and also crate trained, although she will not make any messes while you are gone since she’d much rather nap away in sunny spot or look out the window for some entertainment. We are teaching her hand signals while fostering and she is getting the hang of it as long as hot-dogs are involved. She does not jump on people, rather she will nudge you with her nose to ask for pets. While we don’t know much about her life before the shelter, she seems weary of men and would likely do better in a home with only women or with men who are willing to give her space and patience since it will take weeks for her to warm up to them. She can still be easily startled and sudden movements make her nervous, so children would need to be taught how to respect her space.

Anabelle loves belly rubs and ear scratches, and can’t wait to finally find a place where she can be spoiled and pampered for the rest of her golden years. Can you give this sweet girl a home?

If interested, please don’t hesitate to email Anabelle’s foster mom at