Meet adoptable deaf 6.5 year old Amos who is looking for a loving family who has a big 6 foot fenced in yard and someone who will love him.


From his current caregiver: Amos Moses is a 6.5 yr old all white, neutered, Staffordshire pit bull, with clipped ears, and he weighs 60 pounds. Amos is mostly an outdoor dog and knows my own made-up signing commands: stay, come, No. The home we are currently living in does not have a back yard and he is continuously jumping the picket fence of our courtyard into our front yard. He only does this when we are at work so I bought him an XL kennel but that only lasted about a month, he is pulling at the bars and still getting out. I can’t leave him in the house because my other dog keeps trying to fight with him.

Amos is a very sweet boy and loves to lay next to you or even on your lap. I have 3 small children that he is good with and two other dogs that he plays with nicely. With that being said, he has his cons. I do not feel comfortable allowing him to stay in the very front yard as I fear his role as a guard dog is taken to seriously. I do not want him biting someone. With him not being able to hear, he is jumpy until aware of his surroundings. I have not had any food aggression issues with him. He just wants to be loved and pet. He does enjoy walks.

Amos would be great by himself or with another a friend. When he is in the house he is very still and doesn’t cause any problems. He has not been around cats but doesn’t seem to mind our chickens. Because he acts the way he does and although does well with our children, preference for a new home would be no kids. He hasn’t had much socialization with the outside world (people) but is fine with our family and friends that often visit.