Meet adoptable deaf 1 year old Catahoula pup Amber who is looking for a loving forever home.

From her current caregiver: Amber is a sweet 1 yo F Catahoula pup. She was my mother’s, who passed away in a car accident very recently. She is spayed, utd on vaccines, and in excellent health. Shes very bright, submissive, pretty good on her gentle leader, and affectionate. She is still in the chewing phase, and way too interested in what’s on the counters, but getting better.

She does have some separation anxiety, which leads to barking, but will come with a bark collar to help that some.

Note from Deaf Dogs Rock: an aversive Bark collar might cause the dog to stop barking but it will heighten anxiety in a deaf dog to the point of destruction so it is much better to work with a trainer who specializes in Separation Anxiety to help the dog instead of punish the dog (because it is out of the dog’s control). We do not recommend using a bark collar.

I don’t have the dog knowledge, funds, or lifestyle (think small apartment and gone a lot) to keep this awesome dog, who will no doubt get better by the day. Additionally, she is too much of a playful pup for my senior kitty. I would love a great home for her and she deserves it too!