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Chipper – GA

Chipper - GA

Chipper is an Long Haired American Bulldog Mix born 8/4/14. He is absolutely gorgeous, but sadly, he was born deaf. He relies on his sister Snow, who he learns and models after. Since she has become his guide and they have a deep love for one another, we do not want them separated (Snow is not hearing impaired, born 8/4/14,as well). Both of these dogs are absolute love bugs. They were owner surrendered to a high kill shelter in Macon, Georgia, where they were rescued by Peach County Animal Rescue. We, of course, want a family who can commit to not just Chipper, but Snow for both their lifetimes. An experienced adopter would be preferred, but doesn’t necessarily need to be solely experienced with deaf dogs. Someone who knows animal behavior, can read energy and truly knows how to invest in the overall quality of life in a dog (which of course includes training). As an animal rescue we are devoted to ensure that our dogs find the best homes and it is their final home. We do not want them failed twice. Therefore, having a dog with a disability, we want to always make sure its a right fit not only for the dog(s), but also for the family. Many people get a pet, and eventually, get them a mate. Well, we have both […]

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Luna – CT

Luna - CT

Meet sweet Luna! Luna is a sweet playful 8 months old Australian Shepherd Mix. She is very energetic and loves being around people, and other dogs. We are looking a a good and loving home for her. She is deaf, but very responsive to gestures, and is house broken. My wife and I are fostering her, her previous owners could no longer take care of her due to they busy schedule, and we decided to foster her until she finds a good home.

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Adrienne – NY

Adrienne - NY

Update 9-11-2015: Adrienne has now been in the shelter for 2 years. There must be someone out there that does not have a dog and only wants one dog. If so please consider adopting Adrienne. She deserves to have a loving home. It isn’t her fault she was never properly socialized when she was a puppy. Please share her adoption listing with your friends. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock From Adrienne: Hello! My name is Adrienne. With my mask, I may look like a super hero or maybe a bandit, I am a really just a sweet, low key dog with a gentle disposition. I need a special home as I am Deaf. Because of this I can be shy sometimes and may startle easily. I am completely devoted to my humans and my love and loyalty are unmatched. I would rather not be in a home with other dogs right now as I need some help building some confidence and learning some social skills. I was found as a stray but that is in the past now. I am looking forward to a bright future as part of a loving family. I am only three years old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to be adopted. Please come to the shelter to see me today! Adrienne is located at the Town of Hempstead […]

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Willow – GA

Willow - GA

Meet sweet Willow! Willow was rescued from downtown traffic, dodging cars and scared and hungry. She may be the sweetest dog we’ve ever met.   Mellow, affectionate and happy, Willow loves every person and animal she meets. She is submissive to other dogs. She has had no potty accidents in her foster home and just wants to please. That rare all-round awesome dog. The vet says Willow is 18-24 mos old and has had puppies. We’ve had her spayed, vetted, tested for heart worms (she is neg), and rid of what the vet said was worst case of fleas he’s ever seen. Though she was scared of her first car ride, she now rides just fine. She got used to a collar and leash quickly too. She learns fast. Her new favorite thing is playing fetch. Willow is deaf but it took us days to even realize it, she is so in tune with people around her. She will be great addition to your family.

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Serenity – TN

Serenity - TN

Hickory TN – Meet sweet Serenity! Serenity is a 3 year old deaf dog. She is a total sweetheart and a great companion. From Amanda: My husband and I had been wanting a dog to love on since I’d become attached to a stray in our neighborhood, and we went to visit the Humane Society here in Nashville. My husband fell in love with her, we took her out to play ball, and brought her home with us that same day. I was so excited to finally have a dog. We’d go to bed at night and she’d sleep in her crate and I’d whisper, “Do we really have a doggie downstairs?” I am sad to announce that we need to give our sweet Serenity away, but happy that hopefully she will be going to one of you, dog-loving friends, or someone trustworthy that you know. Serenity is deaf but she hears with her heart. She knows the signs for sit, stay, come, no, applauses, and love. She loves to go on walks, play ball (in fact if you bounce it up or throw it up, she can catch it in her mouth), she likes to play tug of war with her rope, to have her belly rubbed, go to the dog park, and give kisses. She is 75 lbs and has had all her […]

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Pinky – Adopted

Pinky - Adopted

Update 8-31-2015: Pinky has been Adopted.   Pinky is a one year old deaf dog who is a spayed female currently housed at Heritage Humane Society. Pinky is micro-chipped, up to date on her distemper and rabies vaccinations. Pinky has tested negative for heartworms (which is GREAT news). Pinky has lived with another female dog and did quite well having a companion. Pinky would do best in a home with another dog and with a family who is home more often than not as she prefers to be with her “pack”. Because she is still very much a young adult (puppy) she may do better in a home with older children until she gets a little training under her belt. She needs a home with a family who will allow her to live inside with her family (deaf dogs do not do well isolated outside) and she would love to have a big yard to play in with another dog so she can remain safe. Pinky would love to find a person willing to teach her how to communicate and become the best dog she can be.

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Eleanor – NY

Eleanor -  NY

Meet sweet Eleanor! From Ryan: This dog came to me from a friend who is moving and can’t keep the dog. I agreed to foster her and try and find her a permanent home. I would keep her but I too am moving to the city and won’t be able to. She is a very sweet dog, that loves people and loves to cuddle. She is not totally deaf but my as well be. The only time she reacts to sound is if it is very high pitched or very loud.   She will sit and stay with hand commands, and will even wait to eat her dinner until you point at it. Well behaved. A bit on the sleepy side, she loves her naps. She is not a big fan of cats, and has her squabbles with other dogs. She would be best playing with a bigger dog as she is a bit too rough with smaller ones. Good around people, has never bit nor shown aggression. Very sweet. Please help me find her a permanent home.

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Mae – GA

Mae - GA

Meet sweet Mae. She deserves a loving home. She is a small dog and she would not take up much room except of course in your heart! Update 8-27-2015: I know the first photos we shared of Mae where not pretty but now we have new photos. She is still available for adoption and she needs a loving home. She is in GA. Here are some new updated photos:   Meet sweet Mae. She is currently healing from being hit by a car.  She is a Deaf 8 year old Jack Russel mix who is currently looking for a loving home to call her own. A family who won’t let her roam the streets where she can be hit and killed by a car. She was lucky this last time but she needs someone to always keep her safe. She has had a rough few months but she is not much better and her medical needs have been taken care of.  Mae is now spayed, current on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention, has had her dental, and is ready for rescue or a home of her own. Mae is VERY sweet and loving and she likes her own space. She is crate and pee pad trained. Mae weighs around 18 pounds. Mae will climb short fencing and prefers to be leash walked to […]

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Angel’s Happy Tail

Angel's Happy Tail

Angel is my second deaf dog. She has an older brother, Pirate, who is also deaf, and the two of them are inseparable. They do everything together, including getting into mischief! Pirate was kind enough to show Angel how to jump a babygate and to steal mommy’s bagel, among other things. Angel is nine months younger than Pirate. She has picked up hand signals very quickly by watching me sign, and then observing what Pirate does. Angel is a Dalmatian Lab mix with the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She had a very rough start to life. Angel and one of her siblings were tossed into the streets down in Louisiana to fend for themselves. All because they were born different, deaf and albino (white coats, pink skin that is very sensitive to the sun, and blue eyes). A good Samaritan found Angel in the middle of the road lying on top of her littermate that had been run over and killed by a vehicle. What a sad way to start life. She was only a few weeks old when she was found. Angel was then taken home by the good Samaritan, who contacted Deaf Paws Haven in Georgia to take her in. Angel was loaded with hookworms and roundworms, was covered with fleas and had a UTI. She was a walking skeleton, […]

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Jack – MS

Jack - MS

Meet Jack! Jack is a 3.5 to 4 year old, deaf, “heelerish” dog that was turned out by his owner and picked up by a good Samaritan 15 months ago. Jack has been living in a no-kill shelter in Jackson Mississippi since. He is super charismatic and craves to be in his own home, take walks, roll in the grass, and just be part of a loving and patient family.   Jack can get along with other dogs if properly introduced and transitioned with patience. It would probably be best to not home him with smaller dogs. He had some issues that really appeared to be the result of malicious teasing in his prior life but he has come a long way. Still, there will likely be a transition if there is another dog in the family. Jack knows quite a few signs and is a quick study. He has skin allergies and needs grain-free foods and fresh foods when possible. He loves iced water and bits of Vital Pet roll that can be bought at PetsMart. He loves to play with toys and treats – throws them, stalks them, taunts them. He is independent but also very affectionate and grateful and just wants to be home. He is housebroken, neutered, heartworm negative, and UTD on shots. Jack has gained weight in the shelter but […]

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