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Happy Tails

Leillani’s Happy Tail

Leillani's Happy Tail

We want to congratulate Victoria and Leillani who found each other on our Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page. Victoria is also a deaf dog advocate and she rescues deaf and visually impaired dogs. Her rescue group is called Speak for The Unspoken Rescue and she has […]

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Ozzie’s Happy Tail

Ozzie's Happy Tail

Hello, my name is Sharon I live in Missouri with an amazing deaf dog named Ozzie! He is almost a year old and is a bichon/poodle/pit mix. My parents owned his mom she is a bichon/poodle mix. The mom wasn’t feeding him and kept putting […]

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Dottie’s Happy Tail

Dottie's Happy Tail

Dottie’s Happy Tail is told by Nina Coulson: We got Dottie from a charity called Bullies In Need. Dottie was only 10 wks old and we were fostering her. We were aware that she was deaf but we were a bit dubious when it came […]

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Hope’s Story

Hope's Story

About four and a half years ago we were given one of many deaf dogs we had the pleasure of fostering. At the time we were operating our own rescue group for Boxer breed dogs of all ages and this girl just stood out! My […]

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Bianca’s Happy Tail

Bianca's Happy Tail

Bianca was listed on our Deaf Dogs Rock Adoptable Deaf Dog section and she was adopted. I just received an email from her foster mom Suzzy and she wrote that Bianca was adopted.  Since the email was such a detailed  and happy update, I thought […]

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Zippy and Britches Happy Tail

Zippy and Britches Happy Tail

This is Zippy and Britches Happy Tail submitted by Haven H. Sibley. Meet my girls Zippy and Britches. This is their “Deaf Dogs Happy Tail”. My girls, Zippy (patch of color on eye and side) and Britches, had a rough start in life. While looking […]

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Rosie’s Happy Tail

Rosie's Happy Tail

This beautiful Happy Tail was submitted by Fred Pfisterer of Staunton Va. Here is Rosie’s Happy Tail I picked Rosie out of a pack of a dozen dogs at Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia. Something just clicked and I knew that she was my new […]

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Molly’s Happy Tail

Molly's Happy Tail

It is Molly’s one year Anniversary since Kimberly got this sweet baby girl. Happy “Gotcha Day Molly”! It’s been one year ago this week so I wanted to share Molly’s Happy Tail with all of you.   This story was sent in by our friend […]

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Chloe’s Happy Tail

Chloe's Happy Tail

Chloe’s Happy Tail was sent by her mommy Jackie Fithian from San Bernardino, CA. Her name is Chloe. I rescued her. She was so skinny that you can see her whole body bones. She only 3 months old. I fed and bathe and water her […]

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Lucky’s Happy Tail

Lucky's Happy Tail

Lucky’s Happy Tail was sent in by Deborah Boley. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself Deborah, Justin, Sam and Naomi, totally ROCK! On March 16, 2013 I saw a post that my friend Naomi Saccavino had shared from Soul Savers Rescue in […]

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