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Happy Tails

Jeff’s Happy Tail

Jeff's Happy Tail

Jeff’s Happy Tail is written by Summer Frazier. Thanks Summer for sharing Jeff with all of our readers and for also going to the next level in raising and training Jeff. If more deaf dog owners would spend the first year working hard and have their deaf dogs in training Deaf Dogs Rock would not be so swamped with adoption listings when dogs turn 10 to 12 months of age. A big thank you to Summer for her financial support and kind consideration in supporting our mission here at Deaf Dogs Rock to save one deaf dog at a time! According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you and Jeff totally ROCK! ~ Christina, Nitro and Bud Jeff’s Happy Tail by Summer Frazier In February of 2014, I had to put my first deaf dog to sleep due to his chronic kidney problems and ultimate failure. While he […]

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Kira’s Happy Tail

Kira's Happy Tail

Kira’s Happy Tail – By: Shannon Brandl We sure didn’t need another dog…. But sometimes the dog picks you. Let me start by saying I’m a runner. I run 5Ks, half marathons, full marathons and I’ve even thrown in an ultra-marathon for good measure. I do most of my training runs solo. As you can imagine – its gets lonely, and quite frankly, it can get a little boring. I mentioned to my husband that I was interested in adopting a running buddy. Partially for company and partially as protection. It’s amazing how even the sweetest pup is a deterrent and provides a level of safety like no other. At the time I had a little poodle mix. Lilly was a too small to run with and she was battling many health problems. A few years earlier she had to have her eyes removed due to acute glaucoma. In the […]

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Marty’s Happy Tail

Marty's Happy Tail

Written by Amber Geyman For six years we had a special needs Frenchie named Gus; he was our incredible little boy; unfortunately he passed away earlier this year due to kidney failure. We have a 3 year old english bulldog who was feeling rather lonely, and to be honest, we felt like something was missing from our family. We came across a family looking to re-home their 6 month old male frenchie because their older dog wasn’t taking to him.   We ended up picking up Marty on what would have been Gus’s 6th birthday; it just felt meant to be! A few weeks later we began to realize that Marty could not hear; Marty has now been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. We are not sure if the previous owners were aware of this or not, as we cannot get them to communicate with us any longer! We have […]

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Piper’s Happy Tail

Piper's Happy Tail

This Happy Tail was submitted by Piper’s daddy Sean Stinchcomb. Thanks Sean for sharing Piper’s story with our readers! According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself you and your wife totally ROCK for saving Piper! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock Piper’s Happy Tail by Sean My wife and I originally took piper in at 6 months old to be our foster because she was losing her home and we didn’t want her to end up in the wrong hands. With the help of Baltimore Bully Crew, a local pit bull rescue that we are board members of, we made sure she spayed and in good health.   Delilah (left) and Piper (right) posing for photos in their Halloween costumes.    Now six months later, Piper is a one year old and we have decided she is not going anywhere. Our other dog, Delilah, has worked heard […]

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Gotti’s Happy Tail

Gotti's Happy Tail

By Danielle Reynolds Back in 2006, I was living in Arizona. I had gone to the pet store to find a boxer. Typically,  you would think of a fawn or brindle boxer. When I asked the pet store clerk if she had any boxers, she said she did not, but a woman was selling a white boxer for $75. My initial  reaction was ” I was looking for fawn or brindle “. I figured I would go see anyways. When I walked into the woman’s home, she had brids, fish, cats, kids, etc. It was disgusting.  The woman then told me she didn’t  want “casper” (Gotti’s  original name) because he was deaf. I wasn’t  bothered by him being deaf. I just wanted to see what a white boxer looked like. His brother and sister came out and were stocky. Gotti then came out and you could tell he was the […]

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Molly’s Happy Tail

Molly's Happy Tail

This story was submitted by Kaye Gorman and this is Molly’s Happy Tail: We saw Molly on my Facebook postings in danger of being put to sleep and my daughter Courtney and I fell immediately in love. In the photo that was posted on FB it showed the shelter workers holding Molly tight and she looked so frightened that it made my heart ache. Molly’s eyes just looked right into my heart. We both decided no matter what, we had to go and get her. The biggest problem however was that she was located at a shelter more then10 hours away from where we lived. My daughter Courtney and I found a nice lady who owned a  rescue to help us so she agreed to go and pull Molly for us (before it was to late for Molly). We saved her just in time before the shelter had to put […]

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Deaf Dog Nico Happy Tail

Deaf Dog Nico Happy Tail

Note from Deaf Dogs Rock: I will never forget seeing the photo of Nico when it first went viral. He was leaning against a shelter wall beaten and battered with all hope lost. My heart broke seeing the vision of this broken K-9 soul. You see, Nico was this deaf Pit Bull who was labeled by the shelter as being mean and aggressive. Nico had been through very tough times but the person who pulled Nico from the shelter saw something very sweet in him. Nico is one of the lucky dogs who made it out alive. Our Deaf Dogs Rock  Heroes of the Day are Nico’s owners Melissa Garris and Bridget Swan for being open minded and willing to give Nico another chance at life. They are both also amazing ambassadors of the Pit Bull breed, of shelter dogs everywhere and also of special needs dogs. According to my deaf […]

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Defcon’s Happy Tail

Defcon's Happy Tail

In December 2010 my husband (then fiance) and I moved into a big coach house together, with my dog Piper. I rescued her from a shelter 5 years ago when she was 1. Right away we talked about adopting a little buddy for her, and I was convinced I wanted a wire haired, scruffy, small, black rescue mutt. We visited PAWS, and Anti-Cruelty (where I got Piper), but we didn’t seem to make any connections. We then decided to hold off and wait until Spring. Then one day, not long after, I got the itch to visit the city pound… the saddest place in Chicago. I wouldn’t tell my husband Justin where we were going, and when we pulled up he was mad, and convinced I had a dog already picked out from the website. But I didn’t. I just felt this dire need to go that day. We went […]

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Zoey’s Happy Tail

Zoey's Happy Tail

This is Zoey’s Happy Tail written by Gabriela Sink My husband and I have always had cats. Cats are cool but I, myself have always been a dog person. Living in an apartment and having a dog was not realistic to us so I waited patiently. In mid 2013, my husband and I purchased our first home. I honestly didn’t even ask my husband for a dog. I just started looking on my own. My sister would look on Craigslist while I was at work and would send me several ads until she ran across Zoey’s ad one day and sent it to me. The ad read: “For sale, last of the litter, 7 week old Australian Shepherd /Great Pyrenees mix. $40.” I said okay, lets go get her! My Mom and and sister went and picked her up in the outskirts of Dallas since that’s where they live. As […]

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Canada’s Happy Tail

Canada's Happy Tail

It is very rare we run across a deaf greyhound so I was so excited when I received Canada’s Happy Tail. This story was submitted by Mikaela Hallett. When you read the timing of her story you will see this adoption was just meant to be. There are bigger forces at work when it comes to a deaf dog being in the right place at the right time. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, Canada and Mikaela totally ROCK. Enjoy Canada’s Happy Tail! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock In June 2012 I had the pleasure to go to Florida with some fellow volunteers with a local greyhound adoption group. The day after arriving we went to Sanford Orlando Kennel Club, and I was so excited!! We got there just before the first race and as I flipped through the entries I saw a dog named Canada was just about to […]

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