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Happy Tails

Tyson’s Happy Tail

Tyson's Happy Tail

We received a wonderful update on deaf boxer Tyson from his mom Trisha Sluder so I thought I would share it here with all our readers. Thanks Trisha for taking a chance on Tyson, loving him, training him, having patience with him, and keeping him […]

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Indy’s 3rd Dogiversary

Indy's 3rd Dogiversary

Update 11-1-2014: Three years ago today Vicky Sitterly had a very emotional day when I sent her a text message on November 1, 2011. I had just located her a deaf white boxer puppy in Indiana and on that fateful day three years ago today her […]

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Dega’s Happy Tail

Dega's Happy Tail

This is Dega’s Happy Tail told by his human mommy Kristen Oddi. Dega is a Boston Terrier who was born deaf and is now 7 years old. I never had a deaf dog before and I actually got him as a puppy from a breeder […]

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Meet Francis and Her Happy Tail!

Meet Francis and Her Happy Tail!

Meet Frances, she is a beautiful two year old deaf boxer. She is a rescue and is one of the loves of our lives. This is the story of Francis. When she was born the breeder kept her in a cage for the first months of […]

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Harrison’s Happy Tail

Harrison's Happy Tail

Thanks to Elizabeth who just sent us in Harrison’s Happy Tail. Tomorrow is Harrison’s Birthday so what better way to celebrate then to tell the world how much Deaf Dogs Rock! Happy Birthday Harrison. We hope you have a “dog gone” good time on our […]

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Bluebelle’s Happy Tail

Bluebelle's Happy Tail

Sometimes things just work out for a reason. When I read Bluebella’s story and read about the woman who adopted her Amanda Balz, I knew it was meant to be. It is stories just like this one that proves Deaf Dogs Rock with love and […]

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This is Izzy’s Story

This is Izzy's Story

Hi my name is Diana and I am a volunteer with Dalmatian Rescue of SW Virginia. I am a rescue-adoption coordinator and we have helped over 1000 dalmatians find new forever homes.   I also foster for this rescue and that is how my deaf […]

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Autumn’s Happy Tail

Autumn's Happy Tail

Autumn is my third deaf Dalmatian. I adopted her on new years eve, shortly after my beloved Zypher passed away at the age of 13 (weimaraner). Autumn was not treated well her first 6 1/2 months of life before I got her. Her life consisted […]

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Reggie’s Story

Reggie's Story

Reggie was found wandering, abandoned and starving, in NE Kansas. He was taken to a no-kill shelter, but he was very scared and screeched and barked a lot, they couldn’t figure out how to calm him – he was scheduled to be euthanized. A 16-year […]

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Zima’s Happy Tail

Zima's Happy Tail

Zima’s Forever Home – Zima’s Happy Tail Written by Elizabeth Crites (aka Vicky)   My husband always wanted a black lab that he could teach to hunt, so in July 2012 we bought a puppy. Mac was our baby and we had so much fun […]

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