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Happy Tails

Ellie’s Happy Tail

Ellie's Happy Tail

It give me great pleasure to share Ellie’s Happy Tail to all of our DDR readers because she was featured for months on and I was so excited when I got the email she had bee adopted. Enjoy Ellie’s Happy Tail and thanks to all of you for sharing her listing so she could find her forever home! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock   Story submitted by Ellie’s new mom Devon Wiggins of Florence, SC. My sister Ashley and I already have two rescue dogs between us–Sadie, a border collie mix, and Annabelle, a Boxer/American Bulldog mix. The two of them are a package deal, but Annabelle is getting a little older and I thought it might be time to introduce an additional companion for Sadie into the mix. Ashley had recently started doing research on Pit Bulls and we both had our hearts set on the […]

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Jackson’s Happy Tail

Jackson's Happy Tail

It  has been over a year or so ago since I spoke to Jeff on the phone about his new puppy Jackson. I also was in communication with Jeff’s mom Vicki because she was worried about him and she asked me to call Jeff. She wanted me to talk to Jeff about some of the challenges he might face in the future when raising his new deaf puppy so he could be prepared. I knew Jeff would make a great deaf dog daddy and advocate for Jackson. Today it gives me great pleasure to feature Jackson’s Happy Tail written by Jeff. Thanks Jeff for taking the time to send Jackson’s story to us here at Deaf Dogs Rock and we are so happy we could help you on your amazing journey with your deaf Australian heeler Jackson. Rock on Jeff and Jackson, rock on! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs […]

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Deaf Dog Cleo Rocks Her Agility Title

Deaf Dog Cleo Rocks Her Agility Title

We here at Deaf Dogs Rock are so excited to add deaf dogs who do training to compete in levels in agility, rally, scent work, fly ball, lure coursing and obedience just to name a few. Kate is such an inspiration to new deaf dog owners everywhere. Deaf Dogs Rock is so proud to feature a deaf dog owner like Kate Heater who has made the decision of making training her deaf dog Cleo a priority. Because of her consistent positive reinforcement training commitment, she has taken Cleo’s training to the next level just so Cleo could ROCK her Agility course by earning her Agility Championship medal. Thanks Kate for sending us Cleo’s story! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock Cleo Rocks Her Agility Title – By: Kate Heater Meet Cleo! Cleo is an 8 year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix. She was a rescue that I acquired after somebody […]

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Keller’s Happy Tail

Keller's Happy Tail

By Jessica Bailey I work at a grooming salon as a bather and have ALWAYS a wanted a dog. I am now 19 years old, and I have had cats all of my life.  I decided that since I was working at a grooming salon and never had a dog, I was going to convince my parents to let me get one. My mother is allergic to dogs so I had to keep that in mind.  I have a special place in my heart for dogs that most people aren’t particularly “fans” of. For example, an under-bite, silly eyes, no hair, three legs, blind, deaf, doesn’t matter to me. I think it makes the dog even better.  With that also in mind, I took to  I looked at some dogs but none were standing out to me. I then decided to search under Chinese Crested breed. I have always […]

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Annika’s Happy Tail

Annika's Happy Tail

We heard about Junior the deaf English Bulldog who is also Annika’s little buddy earning his CGC Award. Junior is now featured on our Deaf Dogs Rock CGC and Therapy Dog Wall of fame and now it is time to hear about Annika. Annika is young but she to is starting down the same career path as Junior. She sure is a cutie pie! Enjoy her sweet face and story. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock Here is another Happy Tail shared with Deaf Dogs Rock by school teacher Debbie Pack from Outreach Christian School in Avondale, MO.   This is sweet Annika. She is also a deaf English Bulldog who will be following in Junior’s footsteps (read about Junior’s story here). She is now 5 months old. Annika was born deaf like Junior and we have had her for 2 months. Annika is following in Junior’s pawsteps. In […]

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Stella’s Happy Tail and CGC

Stella's Happy Tail and CGC

Last year Stella was awarded her AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification and her mama Heather has a very Happy Tail to tell. Stella’s Happy Tail: My boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to get our first dog back in 2006. She is a beautiful black tri Australian Shepherd. Through my research when looking for our puppy, I came across a couple sites that taught about the merle to merle breeding and how it affects the puppies that are born. I had no idea! Since then, I knew I wanted to rescue and care for a lethal white whether it be deaf, blind or both. As time went on, I would research it once in a while and look for puppies but the time was never right. This past summer, I came across an ad on Craigslist featuring an 11 month old deaf Aussie named Angel. She was beautiful. My husband […]

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Marlee’s Happy Tail

Marlee's Happy Tail

This is Marlee’s Happy Tail told by her human mom Kelley Spears. Meet Marlee! This is her Happy Tail. Marlee is three years old, a deaf pit bull mix. She’s been with us for two years now. She came to us as a foster dog through Kaleidoscope K9s in Seville, Ohio. She had been dropped at the pound when she was a puppy, then pulled by the rescue and put in foster care. Marleewas adopted out and returned to the rescue when it didn’t work out and then we became her foster home. I couldn’t part with her so we kept her.   Marlee has been busy learning hand signals for her agility classes which she goes to twice a week. She is smart as a whip and is lightning fast and we are going to be competing in the spring. I sent you a video of her running a […]

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Jeff’s Happy Tail

Jeff's Happy Tail

Jeff’s Happy Tail is written by Summer Frazier. Thanks Summer for sharing Jeff with all of our readers and for also going to the next level in raising and training Jeff. If more deaf dog owners would spend the first year working hard and have their deaf dogs in training Deaf Dogs Rock would not be so swamped with adoption listings when dogs turn 10 to 12 months of age. A big thank you to Summer for her financial support and kind consideration in supporting our mission here at Deaf Dogs Rock to save one deaf dog at a time! According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you and Jeff totally ROCK! ~ Christina, Nitro and Bud Jeff’s Happy Tail by Summer Frazier In February of 2014, I had to put my first deaf dog to sleep due to his chronic kidney problems and ultimate failure. While he […]

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Kira’s Happy Tail

Kira's Happy Tail

Kira’s Happy Tail – By: Shannon Brandl We sure didn’t need another dog…. But sometimes the dog picks you. Let me start by saying I’m a runner. I run 5Ks, half marathons, full marathons and I’ve even thrown in an ultra-marathon for good measure. I do most of my training runs solo. As you can imagine – its gets lonely, and quite frankly, it can get a little boring. I mentioned to my husband that I was interested in adopting a running buddy. Partially for company and partially as protection. It’s amazing how even the sweetest pup is a deterrent and provides a level of safety like no other. At the time I had a little poodle mix. Lilly was a too small to run with and she was battling many health problems. A few years earlier she had to have her eyes removed due to acute glaucoma. In the […]

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Marty’s Happy Tail

Marty's Happy Tail

Written by Amber Geyman For six years we had a special needs Frenchie named Gus; he was our incredible little boy; unfortunately he passed away earlier this year due to kidney failure. We have a 3 year old english bulldog who was feeling rather lonely, and to be honest, we felt like something was missing from our family. We came across a family looking to re-home their 6 month old male frenchie because their older dog wasn’t taking to him.   We ended up picking up Marty on what would have been Gus’s 6th birthday; it just felt meant to be! A few weeks later we began to realize that Marty could not hear; Marty has now been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. We are not sure if the previous owners were aware of this or not, as we cannot get them to communicate with us any longer! We have […]

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