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Axel – Tx

Axel - Tx

Axel is a catahoula leapard dog mix, he was brought to our shelter by animal control on April 28th, 2015. We hold animals 3 business days before they are available. When our shelter fills up and we still have animals coming in, sadly, we have to euthanize the animals that have been here the longest to make space for the new animals coming in. We are such a high intake facility, we euthanize almost daily for space, and while we try our best to get as many out the door as possible, when we run out of kennels there is not much we can do. Any animal that is not on stray hold is in immediate serious danger. Axel came off hold on May 1st at 4:38 pm. During his time here he has shown that he loves everybody, he never meets a stranger and is definitely eager to please. A few different families have visited with him, but their interest disappeared when they learned that he is deaf. Excuses like “I don’t know how I would communicate with him” and “It will be harder to train him” were made, but we know that’s not true, there is always a way. All he needs is a dedicated person to work with him and help him learn hand signals and body language. He would do best […]

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Paisley – WV

Paisley - WV

Paisley is a beautiful deaf dog! She is a stunning brindle Pit Bull (we call them pibbles) who is looking for a loving home. She is a staff favorite here in Moundsville WV at the Mounds County Animal Shelter.  She is estimated to be around 3-4 years old. She came to the shelter as a stray. She was very thin and scared when Animal Control found her. She has a WONDERFUL personality and she is very well mannered. Paisley loves, loves, loves to play and she still acts very much like a happy puppy. Paisley was adopted her out once but sadly, she was returned because she was having issues with the neighbor’s dog always barking and growling at her from the other side of the fence. The shelter has worked hart to put weight on Paisley and she is looking good and ready to go to a new loving home. Paisley isn’t good with other dogs because sometimes she is scared of them and feels trapped. She loves people and she is good with cats. Paisley is spayed and up to date on her shots. She has had a Heartworm test which came back negative (which is GREAT news). Paisley is located in Moundsville WV which is the Norther Panhandle.

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Caludette – OK

Caludette - OK

Meet sweet Claudette!   If you have room in your heart and home please think about adopting this sweet three year deaf old girl. She was abandoned by her humans and ended up in Fur Babies Adoptions and Rescue in Musckogee OK. Claudette is not doing well with the shelter life, but what dog does? NONE! She will need extra patience and attention, she is deaf! We don’t know much about her, just that she was abandoned when her humans moved from their house. So we suggest that she be the only furbaby in the home. She is completely vetted and needs her forever home. If you are interested, please call 918-360-8491 or email: [email protected] for an adoption application.

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Dottie – MS

Dottie - MS

Meet sweet Dottie! Dottie is approximately one year old. She is a spayed American bull terrier mix.  She gets along great with other dogs and people (including kids). She likes to play so she probably wouldn’t enjoy living with another dog who doesn’t like to play.  She is enjoys snuggling and being loved on. Dottie is located in Lucedale MS. She is well behaved and knows hand signals for sit, come and stop.  She is also crate trained. Dottie is a sweetheart and I can’t say enough good things about her.  Potential adopters can contact me with questions through my email which is [email protected]

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Bliss – TX

Bliss - TX

Meet sweet Bliss. She is a deaf bully who is currently looking for a forever home. She is located in Conroe Texas. Bliss is an almost all white female who is spayed and had all her shots. She is a year and a half old (D.O.B. 3/01/14) and had been deaf since birth. Bliss is house trained, crate trained and knows several hand sign commands. She is good with other dogs, kids and even cats!     Her doggy daddy was an all white boxer and her doggy mommy was a bull terrier (like the target dog). She loves everyone and is very sweet. Does well with other dogs at doggie day care and is Ok with cats. She has lived with us since she was 3 months old. She is very smart and loves to play with kids and dogs.   If you can give Bliss a loving and safe home, please contact Mathew Tyler at [email protected] or call him at 936-203-2848  

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Duke – CA

Duke - CA

Duke is about 8 months now .Duke was rescued by the Perfect Dog Rescue in Milpitas, CA. – [email protected]  (510) 333-4420) and has been in foster care since January. Duke was part of a litter of 4 pups, three of which were rescued by Duke was the only one deaf. All pups had terrible mange and all overcame it. Though Duke might still have some Skin allergies.   Photo of Duke when he was a six month old puppy.    Photo of Duke now.    Poor Duke had two major surgeries on his eyes, one was to fix Entropion ( ingrowing eyelids and one was to repair a scratch / ulcer on his eye. He is doing fine now and looking great! Duke is a very happy pup and lives with three dogs and a cat and chickens. He loves just to be with you and follows you around everywhere. Duke is crate trained, not very well leash trained and is a rambunctious, pup. He knows sit and down and is smart and would blossom with someone that can show him the ropes. He absolutely LOVES people and loves his visits to the vet! He loves to go on hikes with other dogs and to drive in the car either in the crate or shotgun. Contact me for more info: [email protected] / 650-996-6708  Duke Animal ID […]

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Billie Jo-NC

Billie Jo was found wandering a busy street. I took her in to keep her safe thinking surely someone would be looking for her. 3 months later, I still have her. Billie Jo is a beautiful white pit bull who truly wants to please. She is very sweet and loves people. She is currently in Greensboro, NC. She seems to get along with most dogs provided she can be dominant. She likes to play hard, not aggressively, but “full-on.” She’s very observant, but much like a 2 year old child, needs supervision. She’s very much in the puppy stage, but is crate and leash trained. Billie Jo will make someone a wonderful pet, especially if they are active. If you think you can give Billie Jo a loving home where she can be an inside dog but have access to a secure fenced yard where she can run and play (and remain safe), contact Lyn at [email protected] or call her to set up a meet and greet at 336-689-0233.

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Ruthie – VA

Ruthie - VA

Ruthie is a very special deaf little girl. She is a tiny ACD – only 20 pounds! She is almost 2 years old, spayed and heartworm negative and housetrained. Ruthie is very energetic and loves to play ball but she likes to cuddle up on your lap too. Ruthie is looking for a home with a fenced yard so she can run freely and safely. This is a MUST HAVE because she is deaf and it would be impossible to call her back if she got away. Ruthie is learning sign language while in her foster home and loves to get treats with her training. So far, she has mastered sit and we are working on “stay” and “night-night” or “crate”. Ruthie is crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night and also stays in it when her foster parents are not home. She gets along very well with her 4 foster siblings, all ACD’s, and they are all twice her size. She has not been around cats, but I am fairly certain she would chase them. She has been around a 3 year old little girl and did very well while supervised but does jump (we are working on correcting that) and sometimes nips at hands if she thinks you have something for her. Ruthie enjoys riding in the car and is very […]

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Olaf – TN

Olaf - TN

Meet our beautiful Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day Olaf! Olaf was born 9/11/14 and is almost completely deaf. Can only hear very high pitches. He was fixed in March and given his rabies vaccine. He is a almost solid white male and needs someone experienced with deaf dogs or someone that is extremely patient and willing to take the extra time to train him. This is a must. Vet reference and home visit is a must as well… he’s cat and dog friendly. He MUST be an inside dog and has to have fenced yard. I will follow up on all these things and would like a few references as well to contact.   He is currently with his owner and she cannot keep him. He’s rough w children so older kids would be best he just hasn’t been taught manners. He’s a very sweet loving dog. Loves to cuddle and loves to play. His owner has 4 kids and can’t train him bc she don’t have the time or resources needed. She had him a month b4 she found out he was deaf. She got him around 6 weeks of age originally and he’s now 7 months. I’ll inform more of the story to his rehoming to interested adopters but must be really interested in him. I just won’t post her more […]

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Meet sweet and smart 3 year old Deaf Monte! He is a fetchingly good looking Pit Bull Mix. This adorable guy came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) as a stray in the beginning of January 2015.  His Animal ID #798646 Monte has one precious smile and he is happy to show you it! At times, Monte has difficultly expressing himself to others, so he needs a family that can offer lots of patience and the ability to work with him on his socialization skills. Monte is extremely bright and loving, he longs to be close to you! He is always ready to snuggle and sit in your lap, though he is a decent size, he will find room. This handsome boy is looking for a calm family that can cater to his needs, provide daily exercise for this hyper boy, and most importantly wants to cuddle! Monte will make a tremendous best friend (he is very loyal) to a family that is willing to put as much effort into his care as he needs. This loving boy is looking for that perfect family to call his own, and it might just be you. We are located in Tucson, Arizona so please call us if you are interested in this magnificent pup at (520)-327-6088 or email us at [email protected]  

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