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Dizzle – CA

Dizzle - CA

Update 2-10-2015: Dizzle is still waiting patiently for his forever home! Meet sweet handsome Dizzle! He is a ROCKER DAWG for sure rocking his leopard coat! He is currently with Much Love Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, CA.  Dizzle is a sweet male Staffy mix who is needs a foster or forever home. He is 65-75 lbs and is great with small dogs, not so great with dogs his own size! NEEDS FOSTER! For shizzle this gorgeous 3 to 5 year old fellow is deaf–it is a congenital condition that often comes along with white coloring. He is wonderful, loves to play, but gets anxious when a big dog gets in his face, so we like to avoid that scenario. Come out an meet this adrizzible bizzle! Here is his web page: If you would like a timely response from us, please email us at To foster – […]

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Gypsy – TX

Gypsy - TX

Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day Gypsy! She is currently located in Irving Texas. Gypsy is a 14 month old, Dogo Argentino who is still very much a young puppy. She’s a great dog and it’s through no fault of her own that she is needing a home. Due her current owners failing health she needs to give her up (as much as it breaks her heart). We here at Deaf Dogs Rock want to help Gypsy and her owner find her a loving home. Gypsy is great with other dogs. She currently lives with 3 dogs and 2 cats at her foster home. She weighs about 105 pounds (which is pretty normal for a Dogo). She is high energy at times so she needs an owner who is active and who will walk her and engage her in training and fun. She is good with kids […]

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Allie – TX

Allie is a deaf boxer with natural ears and tail.  She is a happy go lucky girl who is eager to please and LOOOOVES attention.  She is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and HW-.  She is located in Dallas Texas. She loves to play with other dogs after a proper introduction.  Typically she plays with my bigger dogs and just ignores the small ones.  Not sure about cats as we do not have one.  She is working on her house training and does not usually have accidents.  However, she is crated when we are not available for supervision, so no room for error.  She is crate trained, but will whine if she needs out for a potty break or wants to be with you for some attention.  She adores little kids because they lavish attention on her.  She will sit or stand very close to them so they have […]

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Diesel – VA

Diesel - VA

Update 2-02-2015: Diesel is still available for adoption. Go meet the handsome ROCKER dog! Meet handsome Rocker dog Diesel! Diesel (aka Sweet D) is an alert, bright, intelligent Boxer/Bull Terrier Mix. He is currently with Forever Home Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  Diesel has a sweet, friendly, lovable disposition.  Doesn’t he look like the real life version of BOLT the Disney movie? He is great with kids and other dogs. He is 4 years old and his previous owners kept him outside on a chain. Sweet D’s only downfall is he is deaf but it doesn’t stop this boy from wanting to please the people he loves. He is highly intelligent,  very trainable and is quick to learn. He has already caught on to hand signals. He is loyal, affectionate and bonds closely to the ones he loves. He loves walks, couches and cuddles. Diesel is house trained. He is also good with other dogs and children. […]

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Nea – VA

Nea - VA

Meet Nea, she is around 5 years old and sometimes she has a lot of energy. She does well with other dogs and she would love a play mate. She is house and crate trained. She knows her basic sign commands like “sit”, “come”, “lay down” and “wait”. She is good on a leash but she does not do well with smaller dogs or cats. She can be a little cranky around dogs and people she does not know (which is pretty normal). Nea is in the Richmond, VA area. If you can give Nea a good and loving home contact Mac at or call 804-939-0571 and leave a message. Please use the buttons below to share – it can change the life of a deaf dog! Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDigg Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDigg

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Piglet – VA

Piglet - VA

Meet sweet deaf girl Piglet!  She is five years old and she is good with other dogs. Not sure how she is with cats. Piglet is a laid back sweet heart but she can be a little hyper when she first greets other dogs. She is house trained, crate trained and she knows some signs. She knows the signs for “sit”, “down”, come” and “wait”. He owner is also working on a few other things. Piglet loves going for walks and she is good on a leash. She is located in the Richmond VA area. She needs a good home with someone who will be there for her always. Someone who will not only be her best friend and always have her best interests at heart but will also be her advocate. If you can give Piglet a loving home contact Mac at or call 804-939-0571. Please use the […]

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Abby – TX

Abby - TX

Meet Abby our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day! She is just a puppy at only 9 months. She is located Nacogdoches TX. She is approximately 9 months old and she is up to date on her routine vaccinations. She is spayed and she also had her back double dew claws removed at the vet’s recommendation. Abby wandered up to a man’s office a couple months ago. Abby seems to have vision in one eye, but diminished hearing, maybe 20-30 %.     Abby looks like a Catahoula/Aussie mix. She loves kids but is high energy, so older kids might be best (my son is 7; she’s fine with him). She gets along with other dogs.  Her foster  mom says she always has foster dogs and Abby has adapted well to all of them., Her foster family is looking for a loving and patient home with another dog so Abby […]

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Sugar Bear-NC

Update 12-15-2014: After Sugar Bear spent 7 years at Star Ranch they decided to turn her into the Blue Ridge Humane Society in Hendersonville, NC. Blue Ridge Humane Society was kind enough to reach out to Deaf Dogs Rock to advocate for this sweet girl who is now almost 8 years old. If you can help this sweet girl and give her a loving home, please contact Blue Ridge Humane Society at 88 Centipede Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28792 – Phone 828-685-7107 or email them at  Previous Star Ranch Listing for Sugar Bear before she was surrendered by Star Ranch to Blue Ridge Humane Society.  March 27, 2014: Sugar Bear is a spayed, female Australian Shepherd mix, about 7 years old, about 40 pounds, up to date on routine shots.   Sugar Bear was dumped at the ranch when she was just a little puppy. It was winter but she […]

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Baron – PA

Meet sweet deaf dog Baron! He is currently located in Lancaster, PA. Isn’t he just stunning? It is unusual to have a black dog be deaf so Baron is EXTRA special. Baron has a beautiful thick black coat with a white chest. He has stunning amber eyes and when you look into them you can see his kind soul. Baron is a 5-6 year old male Newfoundland mix.  He was rescued from a kill shelter in Bath County, KY and was transported to a foster home in Lancaster, PA.  It was discovered in foster care that he is deaf.  Baron weighs about 85 pounds and is social.  He likes the company of other dogs and children.  He has been exposed to children in the age range of 10-13 and has been curious and loving. He has not been cat tested. Baron is crate trained and 90% house trained.  We have been working on hand signals […]

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Freckles – AL

Freckles - AL

Update 1-28-2015: Freckles is now 24 months old and no one has showed any interest in her which is shocking because she has such a sweet face. She has never been around children so a home with no kids would probably be more comfortable for her. She does like to chase and go after cats so no small animals is another restriction. Her foster mom is going to be working on the “leave the cat’s alone” training in the next few weeks. She is currently in foster care in Mobile AL. She is waiting for her best friend to come along and take her on adventures and spend time with her. Meet Freckles! She is a beautiful 14 month old spayed female who is deaf and is currently in foster care in Mobile, Alabama. More from Freckles: Hello, I’m Freckles! I’m a white, Pitt Bull Mix, 14 months old, and I […]

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