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Zoey – TX

Zoey - TX

Meet sweet Zoey. She is only 7 months old and she is currently in foster care in Arlington, TX (in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area) More from Zoey: Hi, I’m Zoey! I’m a 7 month old Catahoula Leopard/Heeler mix. I’m very petite, weighing only 30lbs, and I won’t get all that much bigger. I’m deaf & have Coloboma (vision impairment). That doesn’t stop me from being totally awesome though. I had a really cool home where I was really loved, but their landlords said I could no longer stay. I have some separation anxiety- it just means I love you a ton! I am a little shy when you first meet me but I warm up well and promise I’ll love you forever. I’m good with dogs around my size or smaller (the big ones scare me) and I am a little scared of cats. I am learning American Sign Language in my foster home and I’m doing well. I’m not completely housetrained yet, but we are working on it. I need an adopter that is willing to be patient with me while I settle in the home. I am a really cool girl and I’ve been waiting for a home for a few months and I really want one of my own! My adoption fee is $125 and I am already spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, […]

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Blitz – NJ

Blitz - NJ

Meet sweet deaf boy Blitz! He is a 65lb,  3 year old deaf Pitt mix. He is located in Jackson, NJ. He is neutered, UTD on shots, and micro chipped. This sweet boy is house broken and does fairly well in a crate. Blitz would benefit from a strong leader to continue his training. He loves kids but would be best with older kid due to his size and energy level. He is fine with other dogs with the proper introduction, but cats are not recommended. He loves a good run as much as a good cuddle or a day at he beach. He has had extensive training. Looking for someone to give him he time and love he needs. For more info contact Megan at email:

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Nimbus – CA

Nimbus - CA

UPDATE:  Nimbus has has an adventure and is now at AngelDogs Deaf Dog Ranch in California.  Sponsors and volunteers put in a great effort to get him a direct flight cross country – welcome to the ranch!! Nimbus, a year old handsome shepherd mix.  This boy is neutered, friendly, and LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball.  He likes going for runs and walks, too.  Nimbus is a very special boy as he is deaf so he will require a very special person as his new person.  He does bark at people and other dogs when he is on leash (this is probably because he is unsure of who they are) so would prefer a home not in a city environment where all the scary things can be.  He lived with other dogs in his former home; if you have another dog in your household, we do require a meet-and-greet to make sure they get along prior to adoption.  Nimbus is treat motivated and will sit for a treat.  He would love a home with some dog training experience to help him learn new signs and tricks.  We think his soulful eyes and goofy grin (and the silly way he barks with a tennis ball in his mouth!) will make the work worth it! If you think Nimbus may be a good fit for […]

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Lucy – MD

Lucy - MD

Lucy is a highly social, deaf American Bulldog that is two years old. She is easily learning hand signals and she knows the “sit” cue–fist held up, and she often offers default sits. During a short training session, she quickly learned that four-paws-on-the floor pays, and she also was learning a “leave it” cue. It would be beneficial for Lucy to have an adopter/foster who is used to operant conditioning and can establish a “marker” for her.  Lucy is highly food motivated. Reinforcing desired behaviors gets those behaviors quickly repeated with Lucy. At times, she can become overly aroused and bite the leash. Yet, shaping the absence of leash biting–by using a high rate of reinforcement when she is calmly walking–has proven successful. Lucy needs more mental stimulation through positive reinforcement training then she’s currently receiving. Of course, she likes to play, chase and fetch balls and hang out with people. She has been calm and relaxed in small play groups at the shelter. If you are interested in giving Lucy a safe and loving home where you will have time to continue her positive reinforcement training, please contact: Lea Ann Gross at Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center Department of Police, Animal Services Division 7315 Muncaster Mill Rd., Derwood, MD 20855 Direct line:  240-773-5696 Main shelter: 240-773-5900  

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Sevvy – NY

Sevvy - NY

Update 2-19-2015: Sevvy is still available for adoption and he also just earned his Canine Good Citizen title! Way to go Sevvy! Meet sweet Severide (Sevvy)! Sevvy is an Australian Shepherd Mix, male, approximately 1 year old, 44 lbs. Sevvy is up to date on vaccinations and is neutered. Sevvy is a handsome, sweet boy.  He’s full of life and loves to play tag with other dogs, swim, or just run around in the yard.  Sevvy loves to go on walks and makes a great running partner! Located in Albany, NY through Peppertree Rescue. Contact email: Inside, Sevvy is a bit shy.  It seems as if Sevvy never had much experience living indoors but he is housebroken and is making great strides in feeling more and more comfortable with being indoors.  Sevvy will need a family that will continue to encourage and care for him as he learns what living inside is all about. Sevvy cannot hear but it certainly doesn’t hold him back from doing the same things as a typical dog.  He’s eager to please and knows some basic commands and he has completed and passed his Canine Good Citizen class.   Sevvy is good with cats. If you think you can give Sevvy a loving and safe home and you want to set up a meeting, please contact: Contact email: with Peppertree Rescue in […]

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Maddie – FL

Maddie - FL

Meet sweet Maddie! She is estimated to be a three-year-old Deaf boxer. She is currently located in North Miami FL. She is very lovable,  playful, gets along well with other dogs.  She does well with dogs her size or bigger, that said she is a petite boxer and is on the smaller side. Maddie has never had an instance with a smaller dog it just seems she’s more interested/intrigued by them.     Maddie is a very good girl and she is very smart.  She is not a fan of cats or squirrels and she will chase them. Maddie very much enjoys the company of children and she is kid friendly. She knows basic sign commands for example she knows “sit”, “go potty”, “go for a walk”, “time for dinner”, “settle down” and “get into your crate”. Maddie would do good in a home with another dog that is playful but she could also be a only dog in a home as long as the person is not gone for several hours a day. Maddie is a typical deaf boxer in as she is a total VELCRO dog and she loves her humans. She loves getting attention from people and she is a shadow and likes to have her humans within her view at all times. She loves to play with other dogs so another […]

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Grits – NC

Grits - NC

Meet Grits. He is a 10 month old neutered terrier mix who is Deaf. He is located at the Humane Society of Union County, NC. Does Grits have any special medical conditions, illness, or dietary requirements?  Grits is deaf, and has sub-par vision in direct sunlight. He does ok in dark environments. (Genetic jump causing low pigmentation & deafness, blue colored eyes and blond/white coat similar if not Merle). He is sensitive to high quantities of protein, makes him gassy. Currently feeding him ‘Natures Recipe’ which has been a little better with his gas. Recommend small or low protein treats for training. Any certain likes or dislikes that are apparent? Grits loves to socialize and play with other dogs, in most cases if introduced in a neutral zone he wins them over quickly. Grits has gotten much better at recognizing when another dog doesn’t want to play, although it’s best to watch closely for a time if signs of aggression are present. In some cases I’ve observed aggression in dogs directed at Grits without obvious provocation, likely due to Grits deafness (he can’t respond to auditory cues, some dogs take this as defiance). Regardless, I’m constantly impressed with how polite Grits is with introductions. Grits dislikes crates. Considering his situation when found this is understandable. I spent more than a couple weeks introducing him to […]

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Johnny – TX

Johnny - TX

Update 2-10-2015: Johnny is still waiting for his forever home. This is Johnny. He is a Male (neutered) Bull Terrier approx. 3.5 years old. He is located in San Antonio, TX.  He is kennel trained. He is up to date on his shots as well as know a few signs for Sit and Come though he is a typical stubborn bull terrier and likes to run the opposite direction out of fun if he thinks he can get away with it. He was at the local shelter, reported as deaf and when I went to evaluate him, someone tried to steal him out of the shelter. He was heartworm positive as well as had a horrible ear infection which is likely why he is now hard of hearing. He was treated for his Heart-worms and he is now thriving. He can hear high pitched noises and sometimes a high bark but clearly nothing in low tones or regular speech. He is a dog that can walk well on a leash and loves to cuddle in the bed or couch all day but he also has a lot of energy like a typical Bull terrier and will need a person to give him adequate exercise. He doesn’t do well with cats and is too rough playing with most dogs. Most likely he was used as a […]

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Precious – CA

Precious - CA

Update 2-10-2015: Precious is still available for adoption. Please share her she has been one of our longest running adoption listings. She deserves a loving home. Thanks. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock Update 12-14-2013: Note from Christina Lee of Deaf Dogs Rock: I did receive some questions regarding Precious and if she liked men, cats and small dogs but also could she be around other dogs since she had been a bait dog. The rescue is looking for a home for Precious where she is the only dog.  Here is the response I got back from Addie Daddio from Love That Dog Hollywood about Precious: She does love humans (men and women) and she is a lap dog, kissy bull. We are still working with her introductions to larger dogs. She is not good with cats or small dogs. (She thinks small dogs are cats.) She has been introduced to large puppy breeds and done well but can still tremble near other dogs. Every day this inspirational girl grows stronger and more confident. She loves the park and can sit for hours with you enjoying the sights and smells. Precious likes the car, being held and just being with you. We are all amazed at her heart. Loving, caring, open, forgiving. The vet staff along with my entire “Pack” love and adore this very […]

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Chewy – AZ

Chewy - AZ

Update 2-10-2015: Chewy is still patiently waiting for his new home. He needs a confident and strong handler who can continue his positive reinforcement training and love him. Meet sweet Chewy! He is a stunning deaf 1.5 year old Chewy. He has been passed around because no one has taken the time to train or commit to him. He needs a strong leader to show him the ropes on how to be the best deaf dog he can be. Because he is strong he would do better in a home with much older children or an Adults only family.  His previous owner lost her job so he went into a temporary foster home but now he is running out of time. He needs someone to really commit to him or at the very least do a foster to adopt. Chewy does okay with other dogs as long as there are not to many in one household (1-3 is best). He needs someone who can do “nothing in life is free” training with Chewy so he will know where he stands in a new pack. He is very outgoing and he loves going for rides in the car. He loves to explore and hike. Chewy needs a person who will also be his deaf dog advocate to keep people from rushing up behind him or in […]

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